Through the pursuit of knowledge, we can solve the world's problems.

This is done only by first solving our own situation.

Then we can share what we have learned.

At ENDpoint, we create elegant solutions that we need to solve a class of

problems. Some classes of problems we are working on include

AI, GeoSpaital, Data Management, App Development, App Hosting, App Security, Client Management, Complex System Building, User Experience, User Interface, Developer Experience, Post Quantum Cryptography, Decentralized Graph Databases, Privacy, Data Science, Data Mining, Process Mining, Machine Learning, Relational Database, Progressive Web Apps,

We then package the solutions into apps and tailor implementations to your specific business needs and desires.

The point is if some of those words are scary to you they shouldn't be, it's math, science, philosophy, psychology, sweat and tears.

Get in touch and we can guide you through solving your problems and integrating with the cutting edge of modern-day computer science.

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Who am I?

Website: Kier Lindsay.ca

Github: Syonfox

Dev Blog: SGOL.pub

Company ENDpoint.ca

I am a hacker and painter who is trying to work towards good tools with low adoption cost, maintenance cost, and development costs.

This all means big savings for you and your team in terms of:

Big Savings in time spent, revenue earnd, and effort expended!

If you are a business our teams will comunicate with you clearly and listen analyze and solve your problem.

If you are a developer we are hiring profesional teams and developers who want to work in a progressive, free, and inclusive enviroment where you develop cool stuff on your timeline.

If you are an investor reach out for some opertunities of a liftime funding new and inovative teams to build the future!

At Endpoint we do not sacrifice principles for profit and that is why we win together.

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